The Emotionist

The Emotionist is a experimental toolkit for designers to experience the differences in emotional granularity. The project focused on three different emotions to be experienced: courage, pride and confidence. The project has been featured in a paper by Jay Yoon, Developing design tools to facilitate a differentiated understanding of positive emotions (JungKyoon Yoon, Anna E. Pohlmeyer, and Pieter M. A. Desmet, 2016).

Within the project I was responsible for the conceptualisation and programming of the prototype.

Project duration

January – July 2015


Jay Yoon (Delft Institute of Positive Design, TU Delft)

Supervisory team

Aadjan van der Helm (TU Delft)
Ianus Keller (TU Delft)
Tomasz Jaskiewicz (TU Delft)

Design Team

Noortje Küppers
Chanmi Kim
Howe Xie
Yvonne Gillis
Andreas D’Hollandere

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