Innowiz Prefab

Innowiz is a design-technique tool, developed by Howest University College in Kortrijk. In order to bring forth a (more) user-friendly tool, and giving it an added value, we developed a file – based on different techniques –  that proceeds through  all development stages of the design procedure. By filling out the complete application form, individuals and companies will have satisfying results throughout the whole creative process. The tool exists of different simple forms that have to be filled out. On each separate step of the design process, the user has the possibility to write down his comments or findings. Sketch pages are introduced at various stages of the process; these pages are interchangeable on different locations in the booklet.

Project duration

September – December 2012


Innowiz (

Supervisory team

Dries Lappere (Innowiz, Howest University College, Kortrijk)

Design Team

Lorenz Danneels
Thomas Wynants
Andreas D’Hollandere (usability and layout)

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