The connection between mother and child is very important because this guarantees proper breastfeeding. When mothers can detect the hunger signals of their baby faster, they can feed them in faster way. Moreover, the mothers feel strengthened in their role as a caring person from the beginning on. Connect is a conceptual prototype that brings the co-sleeping concept to the maternity section of the hospital. Instead of having the baby in a separate carriage somewhere at the other side of the room, the baby is now close to the mother. Because of a connection system to the bed that is fast releasable a fast intervention is possible when something is wrong with the mother, or with the child.

Project duration

January – June 2014


CREAX, Innovation Consultancy Bureau, Kortrijk, Belgium

Supervisory team

Dries Lappere (Howest University College, Kortrijk)
Thomas Valcke (CREAX, Kortrijk)

Design Team

Individual project (Bachelor Thesis)

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