Astro Quest

For my bachelor thesis in Graphical and Digital Media I did research on how human gestures can be implemented through the WiiMote into a fun and challenging game. To accomplish this I worked together with Joachim Coppens, also a former Graphical and Digital Media student. Together we made a game ‘AstroQuest’ where he made the mini-games with physics and I implemented various gestures with the WiiMote. The gameplay was implemented through Flash and ActionScript 3.0. I you want to test the game yourself, by mouse, you can, just click on the visit project link at bottom of the page.

Project duration

January – June 2010


Joachim Coppens
Andreas D’Hollandere

Supervisory team

Philippe De Pauw-Waterschoot (Artevelde University College, Gent, Belgium)

Design Team

Joachim Coppens (game development)
Andreas D’Hollandere (gesture control with WiiRemote)

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